Coworking Leads to Networking

March 29, 2023

Coworking is popular with small business owners, freelancers, and even large corporations entering new markets or supporting a remote workforce. Known for their casual, high-energy atmosphere, coworking facilities are vibrant hubs of activity filled with people who get things done!

If you’re considering a coworking membership and wondering how it could benefit your business, we have a few ideas that might give you the impetus you need to commit.

But first—why is networking so important?

Companies at every stage of maturity need to network. Networking connects you with the local community and provides insight into trends that might impact your business. The more people you interact with, the broader your reach. Even if those you connect with cannot use your services now, they may in the future. Simply knowing about you and what you offer might also lead to a referral.

So let’s look at how coworking leads to networking and how you can weave it into your success story.

How to Network in a Coworking Space

1.      Be Friendly and Accessible

Being friendly is an essential part of life. It costs nothing to show interest, empathy, or kindness to another person. A friendly attitude lifts the mood of those around you, and when people see you as approachable, social, and kind, you can expect positive things to come out of it. From career opportunities to simply having more connections, the image you project is your best path to success.

2.      Offer to Trade Services

While your coworking comrades might not be involved in the same business niche you are, that doesn’t mean you can’t help each other. For example, say you’re a graphic designer, and your coworking colleague is a web developer. Offering to trade graphics services in exchange for help with your website will help both of you!

3.      Attend Coworking Events

Green Hills Office Suites organizes regular events for our membership. It’s a way to strengthen the community and allow new members to meet the people they see daily in a more casual setting. Check the message boards for upcoming events or speak with our front desk team to see what’s coming up.

4.      Bring Something Sweet to Share

If you want to make an impression, bring a box of donuts, a cake, or homemade cookies to share with everyone. It might seem like a small thing, but it’s a gesture that people will never forget.

5.      Nurture Your Connections

Successful networking necessitates that you follow up on the connections you make. Be sure to make good on your promises, return emails, and exchange contact info, so others have a chance to do the same.

In conclusion, you don’t always need fancy gatherings, events, or big meetings to network successfully; all it takes is initiative, consistency, and a willingness to connect.

Remember: it’s not about how much you talk but how many meaningful conversations you can create. So get out there and rock it—your network awaits!

Need a few introductions to get you started? Speak to the staff at Green Hills Office Suites today—we’ll be happy to show you around!

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