GHOS Faces of Nashville with Shannon Summersgill of Summersgill CPA

August 29, 2022

This month we got to sit down with one of our newest members to the Green Hills Office Suites, Shannon Summersgill, Owner & Founder of Summersgill CPA. Having started her company in Covington, Louisiana, Ms. Summersgill decided to expand her firm to Nashville when her daughter started attending Vanderbilt University. Having such a fun time visiting her daughter and seeing all that Nashville could offer, she began touring office spaces and found us as the perfect fit!

After working as a CPA for many years with different firms around Covington, Shannon decided it was time to open her own firm with one vision in mind – to create a successful, service-oriented accounting firm that prioritizes maintaining a strong relationship with our clients. With this mindset, her company has thrived the last 10 years and began expanding to Nashville and Florida within the last 4 years. After her daughter graduated from Vanderbilt, Miss. Summersgill wanted to keep her footprint here in Nashville and continue expanding here reach. Since then, she has purchased a home here as well and is excited to see what the future holds for her in Nashville.

Summersgill CPA is not like any other accounting firm, they “provide an outsourced, Back-Office Support System, also known as “BOSS”, and serve as advisors, accounting specialist and confidants”. They take pride in rapid response time and exceptional problem-solving skills creating an unparalleled service compared to other firms. Summersgill CPA provides a range of services including bookkeeping, payroll, financial planning, business startup support, cash management and more!

The base of their success is due to the care and compassion they put into every transaction with their clients. Shannon is very selective when choosing her core team because while numbers and experience are important, they need to have the right personality to communicate and advise clients. She also strives to provide a strong connected team no matter how far apart they are physically.

Shannon’s biggest influence and inspiration was her father. He put himself through law school while helping tend to his growing family at home. His hard work, dedication and determination did not go unnoticed by Ms. Summersgill and put him in the position to run a very successful law practice. Having watched these traits firsthand is what has led her to success in her professional and personal life.

Born into a big family in New Orleans, Louisiana, Shannon was raised with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Aside from work she has always enjoyed boxing and running, making it a priority to get in some sort of cardio activity every day! She also has two loving pets at home, a 13-year-old morkie named Lola and a golden doodle Maple who is 10 months old and 10 times the size of Lola. When in Nashville, you can find Susan enjoyed Bourbon Steak and drinking the bartender’s choice of a cocktail at Bastions.

One piece of advice Shannon could give is to watch, listen and learn from others that are well-respected. Take the time you need to complete your work and truly understand what you are doing and why. Learn from different sides of the industry you are working in and focus on not getting lost in the numbers or your side of the business. Once you master this task you will thrive in any industry you pursue.

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