Faces of Nashville with Bethlehem Aregai of North Star Care, LLC

May 25, 2022

This month we sat down with our Member Ms. Bethlehem Aregai, founder of North Star Care, LLC. Bethlehem is from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Bethlehem and her family moved to the U.S. when she was 10 years old. The reason for their move was to allow her and her 3 siblings the opportunity for better education. Since moving not only has she started her own home care business but so has her sister, Meron.

Bethlehem attended MTSU where she began her studies in Nuclear Medicine, eventually transferring to Vanderbilt University where she received her degree. While attending college she became a part-time caregiver. During that time, she realized how much she enjoyed spending time with seniors, as she didn’t get to grow up with her grandparents. This eventually led to her and her sister, Meron Aregai, starting her company North Star Care, LLC in 2015. Meron is also a member of GHOS and has a similar at-home health care company called Ivy Homes Care.

North Star Care is a private caregiving company for geriatrics that provides exceptional personalized home care services. From assistance with everyday tasks such as showering and getting dressed to running errands and taking patients to appointments.  Her team is there to help with housework, laundry, grocery shopping, and much more. Her professional care team delivers expert, compassionate and personal care for all their patients.  

One of Bethlehem’s greatest influences is Oprah. Her admiration stems from Oprah’s success story despite how small she started. She gives a lot back and, in a way, Bethlehem is able to do the same for her patients which is what makes the hard work and dedication of owning her own company all worth it!

We asked why Ms. Aregai chose the Green Hills Office Suites for her home base for her business. She originally liked the location in Nashville the most but now has come to really enjoy the services we offer. She loves how we are able to help her with day-to-day operations that make workdays a little easier. She has truly come to love the team we have built and always lets us know how appreciative she is for our help! She could not be happier with her choice to run her business here.

Bethlehem’s advice to anyone interested in getting into this industry would be to make sure you have a passion for it. As in any career, there are great days as well as more stressful days but there is always so much reward. She advises keeping in mind: quality over quantity in order to be able to provide the best care for the people in need.

Aside from her passion for her career and patients, Bethlehem loves to travel and go site seeing. One of her favorite destinations is Dubai where she hopes to eventually purchase real estate. She also very much enjoys taking Zumba at our local YMCA, walking, and exercising. Her favorite meal in Nashville is the burger at Restoration Hardware just a few minutes from our center. 

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