Nashville Newcomer Must-See Excursions

March 15, 2022

Nashville is a fascinating city to live in and visit because of the many varied things to do, see, and experience. For newcomers, there is much to explore besides the traditional wonders of Nashville. Finding the treasures off the beaten track is fun, and if you are settling in at Green Hills Office Suites, you are very close to some of the unique finds the city has to offer and add to your list of must-see things to do.

Discover Nashville

Here are a few examples of what you can experience in our fair city.

1.     Where History and Culture Collide

Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery is a gracious and historic plantation with a majestic mansion that houses a unique, non-profit winery offering free tastings and food pairings, including bourbon and private tastings. Reflecting the way of life in Tennessee during the 1800s, the plantation survived the Civil War intact with the bullet holes to prove it and is surrounded by acres of grounds to explore, with costumed guides offering fascinating indoor and outdoor tours.

2.     Artisan Distilleries

Small Group Spirits of Nashville Distillery Tour guides you to several artisanal distilleries around downtown Nashville. Lovers of bourbon and Tennessee whisky will enjoy tastings and guided tours behind the scenes while catching the sights of city landmarks during the included transportation between distilleries. After the half-day tour, be prepared to catch a cab back to your hotel.

3.     Hot Chicken, Anyone?

Every newcomer to Nashville must try the city’s famous hot chicken. There are a few landmark locations, starting with the original, Prince’s Hot Chicken, and the recommended Bolton’s and Hattie B’s. What sets Nashville’s hot chicken apart is the marinade before flouring and frying, then the last step, which involves a special sauce added just before serving. Depending on your tolerance, heat ranges from mild to flaming.

4.     Experience Western Color

Robert’s Western World is a fun and colorful Honky Tonk where the locals go. Grab some grub and tip the bands that play classic country all day long. Try a two-step or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of one of the most popular locations in the city.

5.     Local Historical Sites

If visiting historic sites is your thing, a stand-out is The Hermitage Plantation. Home of the seventh US president, Andrew Jackson, this large property gives genuine insight into his family life and working on a cotton plantation in the early to mid-1800s, complete with mansion, gardens, slave cabins, and the tomb of Andrew Jackson.

6.     Shop ‘Til You Drop!

For shopping enthusiasts, check out Marathon Village. The historic, converted automobile plant is now home to a contemporary, creative, and spacious shopping hub, housing art galleries and studios, unique stores, and for fans of the History Channel’s American Pickers, the happy discovery of their shop Antique Archaeology.

With so many different options to choose from, newcomers to Nashville can expect to spend considerable time exploring. From famous music halls and museums to eateries, distilleries, parks to mansions, the city is bursting with energy, history, and unexpected delights. Green Hills Office Suites offers flexible office space solutions so that you can take the time to enjoy all that Nashville has to offer.

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