Following the Two-Day Rule to Build Good Habits and Improve Productivity

November 24, 2021

We all get bogged down at times and find it difficult to follow through with goals that we set for ourselves. Resistance holds us back from achieving a desire, and stress, lack of enthusiasm, or procrastination can make us fall behind, lose our focus, and fall into a slump. We make unrealistic promises to ourselves then break them, which leads to guilt and self-punishment.

The two-day rule, developed by filmmaker Matt D’Avella, is a new concept in healthy habit-forming behavior. D’Avella created the system to aid with his personal goal of achieving a healthier body and lifestyle. The two-day rule is entirely adaptable. It can be work-related or geared to a personal goal. While the system is simplistic in design, it does require commitment, with success based on applying a realistic and determined approach.

How Does the Two-Day Rule Work?

The object is to not allow for more than one day off between days marked for working on your goal. In other words, once you’ve set your objective, you can’t take off more than one day in a row. For example, if you decide to rent temporary office space for work on a specialized project, you may choose to attend every second day or for two days straight with one open day in between.

D’Avella’s two-day concept allows flexibility as you choose the days to work but stays consistent with the one-day off rule, keeping the cycle flowing. If something comes up on a day you had meant to work, you only allow for that one day off and return to your plan the next day.


Most of us are resistant to following rules, even when they are for our benefit. Resistance takes on several forms and is most easily recognized as procrastination and experiencing self-doubt about our goals or ability to attain them.

The way to break resistance, according to the two-day rule, is with consistency. When we remain focused and fight against resistance, we mark another day of achievement on our calendar. This sense of accomplishment is addictive and gradually beats down lingering resistance. Therefore, the two-day rule, when followed, becomes habit-forming.


At its roots, the two-day rule is all about taking control of what matters to us the most. By applying this system to business ambitions, we create a healthy work habit that aids us in visualizing and fulfilling our target. Benefits go beyond the realization of our goals and include:

  • Increased focus and consistency in behavior and work habits.
  • Added confidence in knowing that you can achieve your goal.
  • Formation of a valuable and habit-forming life skill.

Following a system that will help increase our consistency and make goals more achievable doesn’t work when we make it more complicated than it needs to be. As a result, we may fall off the motivation wagon more than once and eventually give up altogether. Adopting a simplistic yet effective strategy like the two-day rule will gain far more than the original desired outcome. When it comes to setting business goals, Green Hills Office Suites can provide the space and tools to realize your two-day rule needs.

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