Faces of Nashville with Daniel Alholm of Alholm Law

November 30, 2021

This month we got to sit down with Daniel Alholm with Alholm Law and learn more about his unique cause and specialty in vaccine injury law. Mr. Alholm is one of our newer members here at Green Hills Office Suites and we have had such a great time with him.

Daniel Alholm was born and raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He then attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX for his undergraduate before moving back to Chicago to attend Loyola’s School of Law. During his last semester of law school, he went on an old-fashioned blind date with his wife. They met in 2003 and were married by July 2004. “It was a whirlwind romance,” and are still together to this day, happy as ever. After law school, Daniel went to work for his father’s firm called Alholm & Monahan, he then ventured into Personal Injury before moving to Nashville in March of 2018.

During his time as a personal injury lawyer, Mr. Alholm took an interest in vaccine laws and what they entail. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, all vaccines companies would pay $.75 for every vaccine they administered into a fund that would make them immune to any lawsuit under a special government program. This program would cover any individual that was injured from taking a vaccine. When COVID-19 hit, this new vaccine was not covered under this program and people were not only suffering from an injury but no sort of compensation.

Mr. Daniel has researched and spent hours understanding these laws and fighting to get the COVID-19 vaccine under this umbrella for those who have been injured. As of today, if you experience any side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine, you will not receive any help or compensation as you would if it had been from the Flu shot. Mr. Alholm is leading the fight to get these laws changed and to cover the COVID-19 vaccine as they would for any other vaccine available to us.

Mr. Alholm enjoys the Green Hills Office Suites because of its location in Nashville as well as the ability to drop in for a couple of hours and get work done while being around other attorneys. He enjoys a good laugh with us here at the reception desk and joining in on our shenanigans. We have enjoyed Mr. Alholm here with us just as much for his conversation and goofy personality.

To learn more about what Mr. Alholm does, you can visit him on his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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