Faces of Nashville with the Bigelow Legal Team

October 04, 2021

At Green Hills Office Suites, we love connecting with our valued members on a personal level. This month we sat down with the team from Bigelow Legal. Last year, owner Robb Bigelow expanded his team by two new members, Kate Lyons, and Kevin Francese who both are already settling in great. We hope you enjoy getting to know their amazing team as much as we have!


We first met Kate at the beginning of the summer when she came on as a summer intern for Bigelow Legal. Kate grew up in Boston Massachusetts and is a huge Red Sox fan. She attended George Washington University where she studied history as an undergrad. When Kate decided she wanted to attend law school, she ended up at Belmont University right here in Nashville.

She then landed her summer internship with Mr. Bigelow where she has had an amazing experience and found a very valuable mentor. She finds her work here meaningful and loves the fun environment. Having a meaningful career and a positive impact on people’s lives is important to Ms. Lyons. She feels like she has found her place here at Bigelow Legal and plans on sticking around for a long time.


Next to join the team is our favorite New Yorker, Kevin Francese. Born and raised in New York, Kevin attended Villanova for undergrad. After completing his bachelor’s, Kevin attended law school at the University of Notre Dame. When he completed his degree, Kevin left Notre Dame and moved to Nashville.

Kevin decided that he wanted to work with Robb because of his, “…amazing perspective on life as well as his values of people over his work.” Mr. Francese appreciates that the team challenges him to be the best attorney he can be. Kevin is a die-hard Yankees fan and loves catching a game at the Sounds Stadium here in Nashville.


Later we got to catch up with Mr. Bigelow’s paralegal Elizabeth Barese. She works with the team two days a week and enjoys the fun and engaging atmosphere. Elizabeth is a great asset to their team because she always gives 110%.  

She enjoys working for Mr. Bigelow because she loves helping clients and being involved with such interesting cases. Elizabeth loves the people she works with and how everyone cares so deeply for their clients and the work they do while also having fun.


Finally, we sat down with Robb Bigelow himself and heard about his latest conquests. He has recently settled one of the largest cases in the history of Nashville this past year as well as help many more clients get the justice they deserve. His passion to help change people’s lives and fighting for their rights is what Robb is the most passionate about. He is now spreading his knowledge and experience with his two new teammates and is loving every minute of mentoring them.

We can’t wait to see what Mr. Bigelow and his team start to accomplish in the next few years! We love having them around and seeing them change so many people’s lives for the better. We hope that they continue to expand here at the Green Hills Office Suites so we can keep celebrating their successes with them. If you know anyone that feels they might have been discriminated against in the workplace, please visit them on their website and Robb on LinkedIn to connect.

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