Four Creative Team Building Ideas

August 09, 2021

Creating a strong company culture can be challenging, especially when employees aren’t working together in the same space. This could be because of a fully remote team, or the reason could be that different departments work on different floors or even in different buildings altogether.

But having a strong company culture is a key element for any business that wants to thrive. It can help your employees feel more engaged and more motivated to do their best, which leads to better products and, ultimately, a better experience for your customers. This all translates to more sales and more loyal customers in the long run.

This doesn’t mean going back to those obsolete activities such as the trust fall. Instead, you might want to get creative and try a few of the ideas on this guide. 

Here are 4 creative team building ideas:

  • Icebreaker Quizzes

Quizzes are a fantastic way of bringing your whole team together. The best part is that this also works wonders when you have a fully or partially remote team. There are plenty of apps and websites that offer quizzes, some can be scheduled in advance so you can be sure that everyone gets their quiz at the same time. A great idea is to give out weekly prizes and to have a grand prize winner at the end of the year. 

  • What’s My Name?

In this game, each participant is assigned the name of a person – dead or alive – and then that name is displayed on some part of their body such as on their head or their back so that they are the only ones who can’t read that name. Post-it notes are great for this game. 

Once everybody has a name assigned to them then they all go around talking to each other. The catch is that they must treat each player as they would the person listed on their post-it note. They can also ask questions about their alter-ego until they figure out who they are supposed to be. 

  • Office Trivia

Playing trivia in the office can be a fantastic way of getting a large group of colleagues together. The idea is to separate them into teams of at least four people and have them answer questions on different categories. For added enjoyment, you might want to make the questions relevant to your industry and your company. 

This activity also works great in a remote setting. 

  • Start a challenge

Starting a challenge can be great to strengthen your team while they engage in a little friendly competition. A popular challenge is the fitness challenge, which has the added benefit of improving your whole team’s health. 

These are just a few ideas you can try out to build a stronger team!

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