Faces of Nashville with Thomas Vorholt of Vorholt Title and Escrow

July 22, 2021

This month we got to sit down with Thomas Vorholt with Vorholt Title & Escrow and learn more about his interests and what got him to where he is today! Thomas has been a long-time veteran with us here at the Green Hills Office Suites.

Education and Real Estate

Thomas was born and raised here in Nashville and only left for college at Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte, North Carolina. He then returned for Law School here at Belmont University where he studied Transactional Law with an emphasis in Real Estate.

Mr. Vorholt was always involved in the real estate world and jokes that he, “Grew up at the closing table.” There was never a question in the direction in life Thomas wanted to go in. His family flipped houses growing up influencing his taste to stay involved in the real estate scene here in Nashville.

An Entrepreneur at Heart

After graduating college, Thomas worked for a couple of the largest title companies in the Middle Tennessee area before going out on his own. While working for one of those companies, they had offices here in our wonderful Green Hills Office Suites, which made choosing our location a no-brainer for him when he did finally take the leap for his own business.

He learned a lot from these companies, but he always knew that he wanted to do things independently. Last October, Mr. Vorholt decided it was time to venture out, and start his own business. He knew if he did not do it now then he never would and would deeply regret it later in life.

We asked Thomas about what advice he would give to young entrepreneurs starting out with similar goals and dreams and his advice was to, “Not wait too long and don’t be afraid to make the jump.” He also recommended not looking back and to just keep moving forward. As nervous as this transition made him, he is definitely happy that he has made it.

Life Outside of Work

During his free time, you can catch Thomas grilling out in his backyard while his two sons run around. He and his wife are due for their final baby this fall/winter which will be their first and only girl. They are excited to welcome her into their precious family.

Thomas also enjoys great music and classic cars. He is slowly building his collection of fast cars which is one of the hobbies he shared with his dad growing up.

Thomas and Green Hills Office Suites

When we asked Thomas about why he chose Green Hills and how his experience is so far, he had many reasons! From having a prior relationship with us while working for other companies to loving the atmosphere we provided for our members, Thomas has been nothing but happy here with us.

One thing that was important to him when deciding on office space during his time of transition was not only the affordable rates but the growth potential and flexibility we offer here. He wanted somewhere he knew he could grow as his company grew, and he enjoys having access to our meeting rooms as well as the networking events we host. Thomas feels at home when he is away from home and enjoys coming to work.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Thomas here with us and watching him develop his company. If you would like to learn more about Thomas and Vorholt Title & Escrow, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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