Faces of Nashville with Julie Littlejohn of the Know You Project

May 28, 2021

Each month at Green Hills Office Suites, we love to sit down with one member and get to know more about their business and passions. This month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Julie Littlejohn of the Know You Project. To learn more about Julie, continue reading below!


Julie is one of the rare individuals who were born and raised right here in Nashville that still call Nashville home. We begin Julie’s journey at SMU where she majored in psychology. She intended to focus on sports psychology due to being very active during her younger years which brought her back to Nashville as an Assistant Athletic Director at Currey Ingram Academy here in Brentwood. She was there for 5 years coaching volleyball and basketball. During this time, she decided to pursue her master’s degree at Lipscomb in counseling.


During this time, Julie worked with hundreds of students who were at a time in their life that they were about to have to make a huge decision but didn’t know where to start in finding the best path for them. Being able to connect with these students and building a team dynamic was a huge interest Julie had and wanted to dive deeper into. Having developed the psychology interest in high school and now this connection to helping people find their own path was the beginning of the creation of the Know You Project before it had a name or business model.


Having a strong connection to her faith, Julie would take church assessments to see where her strong suits were when becoming more involved in the church. During these assessments, she would gain insight into how this would be a great tool when making large life decisions for your career at any stage of your life. She never intended on starting her own business and she knew she didn’t want to be a counselor. However, she did know that she loved helping students find their next step and started becoming a career counselor. She eventually learned that not only could she help seniors in high school find their next step, but also young professionals who were thinking about making a career change.


There were times that Julie was unsure herself if this was the path she was supposed to be on. With COVID-19 coming out of nowhere last year, there were some doubts about the future of this industry. Julie states, “Every time I had doubts about moving forward with starting this company, there was a sign that told me this is what I am supposed to be doing.” But thanks to COVID, her business has boomed because of the number of individuals taking this event as an opening to assess if this is the career path they actually want to continue.


Julie loves getting to know these individuals and building relationships with them so that she can help see their strengths, interests, disinterest, motivation, and even weaknesses to see where they could fit in for a career. Not only does her company talk you through the different options and paths to take, but they also help build your resumes, cover letters, and prepare you for interviews. They are here to help gain clarity, deepen your understanding of yourself, finding your strengths, and increasing your confidence so that you are prepared for your next adventure and will thrive!


When Julie is not helping others find their life’s journey, you can find her outside doing just about anything active. She loves hiking, biking, and has a new love for yoga. She also enjoys traveling around the country and has even enjoyed her time abroad in Paris. She said, “If I could live anywhere in the world, it would either be Paris or Kauai”. Being able to connect to nature and the outdoors is what brings the most peace to Ms. Littlejohn.


The Know You Project has helped hundreds of people find their own journey through relational connection. They are committed to your success and will be there to support you through the process. If you would like to learn more about Julie and the Know You Project, you can visit their website, Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

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