How to Finish with a Strong 2020

December 16, 2020

As we head into the final days of 2020, it is important to take some time to think about how to finish this year on a high note. When leaving such a tumultuous year behind this exercise may be more important than ever since most people and businesses have been living in survival mode all these months. Here are a few tips to help you finish with a strong 2020, regardless of what your year has been like so far.


Clear your thoughts


2020 was quite an adventure, and on a scale that nobody could’ve predicted. The covid 19 pandemic was a global test for businesses, individuals, families, countries, and supranational organizations. Everybody around the world had to adapt in order to face a threat that nobody had much information about. Panic and uncertainty grew every hour, as trackers compared data from every country, city, and borough. Predictions based on that data painted a very grim picture and there was no consensus on what the most effective countermeasures were. Then, as the new normality started to settle in and many places went into some type of lockdown, companies struggled to stay in business and relevant for a completely new type of consumer, who was forced to purchase goods and services exclusively through the internet.


Now that the dust has settled a bit, it is a great idea to reassess your thoughts and mindset to ensure that you only keep those that are useful to you now. When you clear useless thoughts out, you recover mental space for new ideas that will help you feel more relaxed and enable you to have a positive outlook for the coming year.


Set a new goal


While in emergency mode, non-essential goals and routines were thrown out the window. As pure survival became the goal, you probably neglected things like a healthy diet, exercise, education, and other mental health promoting habits. Isolation and social distancing, necessary as they are, have also taken a toll on your wellbeing.


Now it is time to set new goals for these last days of 2020. It can be something like starting or restarting an exercise routine, stretching every day, taking up meditation for 10 minutes each day, or cooking healthier meals at home. Setting new goals will help change your mindset and ensure that the last days of the year feel important.


Review this last year


After all the chaos of 2020 has settled down a bit, it is important to take a look back at what your year was like. After all, you probably made most decisions under a lot of pressure this year, and under those conditions you might not have always made the best ones. Now with a cooler head and more information available it is important that you review your year and determine your hits and misses in order to make better decisions next year. Don’t forget to give yourself ample credit though, remember that you did the best you could in a very difficult situation.


Prepare for next year


After taking stock of 2020, these last few days of the year are perfect to start planning for next year. Now that the surprise that came with the covid-19 pandemic has faded away and the new rules of the game are clearer, you can focus on improving processes that you implemented hastily such as remote work or optimizing your digital strategy, so you are able to benefit more from your efforts than at the start of this whole ordeal.

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