Faces of Nashville with Mike Orr of Midwest Trust

July 01, 2020

We had a great time visiting with and getting to know Mike Orr of Midwest Trust this month! After sitting down with him, we learned quite a bit.


Mike is originally from Katy, Texas, where he was born and raised all through school. Following his desire to help people, he decided to attend Ole Miss to study for law school. He then went on to attend the University of Mississippi School of Law, after which he became an attorney.


He began to practice law, spending much of his time in the courtroom. With the goal of moving away from litigation, Mike decided to go back to law school, this time attending the University of Florida – Fredric G. Levin College of Law to focus on the ins and outs of tax law. He moved to Nashville with his wife and worked in several prestigious positions as an attorney and started a family of his own.


Mike and his wife have two teenage boys in highs school, each following his own road, one loves sports and the great outdoors, while the other is really into robotics and the stage. Mike loves going and watching each of them do what they love best, which means the family does quite a bit of traveling to sports events, robotics contests, and school plays. They also all love to go camping and hiking and have found some pretty great spots for both in Tennessee.


Though he enjoyed practicing law in this new track, his dream of really changing people’s lives was just not yet being realized.  That is when Mike found his current path…of working with families to protect their financial legacies.  He is now the VP Managing Director of the Nashville Branch of Midwest Trust Company, a Kansas chartered trust company with over $13 Billion in assets under administration.


When asked to explain his role with Midwest Trust, Mike explained, “I work with financial advisors and attorneys to protect people’s wealth that is passed from generation to generation.”  Midwest Trust Company has the flexibility to either manage a client’s investments or work with a client’s trusted financial advisor.  For the past several years, Mike has primarily worked with a client’s chosen investment advisor, thus providing the client’s family with continuity of relationship.


In addition to administering trusts for families passing wealth to spouses and children, we also administer trusts for beneficiaries that are elderly, have special needs, and addictions.”


Now Mike is really enjoying his work and finding great fulfillment.  When I asked him what he liked best about his position, he said he enjoyed working with families and their advisors to provide a trustee solution to navigate the many legal, tax, and family dynamic issues associated with transferring wealth between family members.


Working with Mike for almost a year now at Green Hills Office Suites, we can tell you he is quite social, friendly, and eager to help here at the office. He is really looking forward to the time when we can start having our social events with other members again, so he can make some more friends here at the office!


If you ask Mike what he likes best about being a member of the Green Hills Office Suites community, he will tell you it is the people! He loves the staff, and how easy we make everything for him to grow his business. He also likes the Wednesday Breakfast we have weekly, and how easy it is to get to his office each day.


If you would like to connect with Mike Orr and learn more about him and his business, you can find him on LinkedIn or you can visit his website.

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