What Nashville Has to Offer During Spring

March 16, 2020

Spring in Nashville is a truly magical time, not only because of the magnificent show that nature puts on as the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the weather is nice and warm, but also because the whole city comes alive with music, food, fashion, and so many activities to choose from.


Here are a few of the highlights to check out during spring in Nashville:


As you would expect from Music City, Nashville is booming with music festivals, concerts, and events where you can experience the greatest live music scene in the world.


For starters, there is the Edgehill Rocks celebration on Nashville’s historic Edgehill neighborhood, which is a great way to immerse yourself in this community’s joyful expression. There is great food, art, and live music all day long.


Then there is the world’s largest gathering of singers and songwriters, the Tin Pan South Festival, which features more than 350 artists and groups performing over 90 shows in 10 venues around the city. This festival usually takes place in late March or early April.


If you’d like to take some music home then don’t miss your chance to visit Nashville’s most popular record stores on Record Store Day, April 18. In addition to getting great deals, there are also stores that host live music events.


Since music and fashion go hand in hand, Nashville also hosts the Nashville Fashion Week in early April. This event celebrates local, regional, and national designers. So, check it out to get a feel for the dazzling local style.


For foodies and beer lovers, there is also a lot to do in Nashville in the spring. There’s the East Nashville Beer Festivals in early April at the East Park in East Nashville, which features local and regional breweries as well as traditional German, Belgian and other import beers. There are food trucks on-site as well as live music all day long, which makes for a great Saturday in the park.


For sushi enthusiasts and those looking for a more exotic kind of event, there is the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival, a free event that celebrates Japanese culture. Activities include food sampling, music, dance, martial arts, and a Cosplay Contest.


Other highlights include the Nashville Film Festival, the Earth Day Festival, and the Iroquois Steeplechase, which is a traditional horse race that features magnificent horses and professional jockeys from all over the world.


With so much going on in Nashville during spring you are sure to get rid of your winter blues!


Those seeking some productive time during the Spring after participating in festivals and events should stop by and visit us!

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