Faces of Nashville with Jon Cleaver of WFG Turning Point Team

February 28, 2020

This month, we got to know a bit more about one of our newer members, Jon Cleaver. He is the founder of the WFG Turning Point Team and has been in business for almost 7 years. I learned a lot about what’s important to Jon, and why this is his chosen field.


A San Diego native, he spent much of his life in the California sunshine before moving to the Midwest for college. He earned a BS in Communications at Ball University, going on to receive his MBA in Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University shorty after.


He found himself living in working in Chicago, which he absolutely loved. There, he got into the world of Mortgage Banking, but not before dabbling in the real estate business as a buyer for a hedge fund, an experience he describes as exciting and wild. Cash was flying around everywhere, in huge amounts, since all the deals were paid in full. Spending 20 years the mortgage business, though, was where he really found a passion for helping people – middle-class families in particular. He has a soft spot for them, as that was his upbringing as well.


Jon has a family of his own, which he’s very proud of. He and his wife have been married for 22 years! Together, they have 2 boys and a girl, and with one son already in college, they are getting pretty close to becoming empty nesters. All the kids are in sports, year-round which keeps the family busy and close. His daughter also enjoys participating in theater, which gives Jon a chance to tap into his softer side.


This desire to effectively help families brought him to his current occupation. He has titled his position Wealth & Tax Strategist. He speaks passionately about teaching people how to get to a Zero-Tax Bracket, and shows young couples how to “Make money, save money, grow money, and keep money.” He works with “non-captive” solutions, which means he has something for everyone. He confidently shares that while others suffer great losses in the ever-changing stock market, his clients keep steady and do not lose.


Jon has 8 brick and mortar offices now, spread across Nashville, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, and all the way up to Kentucky, Indiana, and down to Alabama. When I asked him why he chose to keep one of his Nashville Locations here with us at Green Hills Office Suites, he said the choice was simple. Our workspace is conveniently located for easy access, not only in and out of the building, but also into the downtown area, and up to North Nashville as well. He likes the model of a flexible space because he anticipates rapid growth in the near future, and there is room to grow with us! It bears mentioning that as he chose between Green Hills Office Suites and another shared space less than 500 yards from us, we won his membership because we “went out of our way to build a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”


Find out more about Jon and his business, as well as his upcoming speaking engagements and networking groups through either LinkedIn or his website.

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