Faces of Nashville with Brooke Stackpole

January 13, 2020

We wanted to start the year out with a special edition of Faces of Nashville by spotlighting your very own Brooke Stackpole, General Manager of Green Hills Office Suites!


Originally from the Boston area, Brooke grew up in an upholstery shop, her father’s business. She started working at 11 years old, helping in the office, answering phones, and helping Dad with overnight installation jobs. She’s proud of this foundation, which gave her the love of a job well done, and a strong work ethic.


She ended up in Southern California during her junior year of high school and went on to spend the next couple of decades there, mostly in the Coachella Valley. Brooke started working in restaurants as a server, moving on to become a cocktail waitress, bartender, and caterer. Service and hospitality have always been a passion for Brooke, who finds happiness in giving joy to others.


Brooke secured her first “real” office position as a sales assistant in a Yellow Page Advertising Sales office, and yes, she realizes that sharing this fact dates her! It was a natural transition to move into the sales department shortly after that, which was an instant fit for her, and gave her the chance to really start effectively helping small business owners grow. This became her next passion, and she stayed in the industry until it was no longer a relevant resource for small business advertising.


That’s when she found herself combining her 20+ years of hospitality and sales, as well as her love of working with small business owners into a new position as the General Manager of Fusion Workplaces 3 ½ years ago. She instantly loved the work, and so she decided to grow some new roots in this career.


Brooke and her husband had a strong desire to leave California for many years, and so they took the awesome opportunity to relocate to Nashville in 2017, where Brooke had accepted to the position as General Manager of Green Hills Office Suites. She moved on a wing and a prayer, with no idea where she and her family would live. But it all worked out, and now she owns a home just west of Nashville, in the middle of the woods, just like she had always dreamed of!


When asked what Brooke loves most about her position as the GM at Green Hills Office Suites, she’ll invariably tell you that her favorite part is watching small businesses grow as a direct result of her services provided at the workspace. “It’s extremely fulfilling and exciting. I am building relationships with our members, and I love to see them succeed!”


Brooke also runs a small networking group at Green Hills Office Suites, for new business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to build their business by creating referral partners. You can find out more information here; Coffee Talk.  You can also connect with Brooke on her LinkedIn page.

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