Must-Have Traits to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

August 21, 2019

Most people assume that successful entrepreneurs must be intelligent and likable. Though these are two important traits, being intelligent and likable doesn’t necessarily make you a successful entrepreneur. So, which traits do you need to have in order to become a successful entrepreneur?


There’s no accurate answer, but the most successful ones tend to have all or a combination of most of the following traits.


1. Curiosity

Successful entrepreneurs are curious individuals; they are constantly interested in seeing how things work, how they are different from other things, what makes them unique, how they can be improved, and so on and so on. Curious individuals are the ones that often find creative solutions to problems and the ones that are able to identify products/services that can add value to people’s lives.


2. Open-Mindedness

This goes hand in hand with curiosity; a curious person needs to have an open mind, otherwise, they wouldn’t be curious about things. But open-mindedness goes beyond being curious. It’s about being receptive to feedback, accepting new ideas, seeking out new learning opportunities, and not being afraid of change.


3. Flexible

No, we don’t mean flexible as gymnasts are flexible. Flexible in nature, as in being resilient. Flexibility enables individuals to adapt to changing needs and situations and it enables them to pivot when something isn’t working or fails. Being flexible is what enables companies and individuals to stay relevant as consumer and market needs change.


4. Discipline

Discipline, combined with perseverance, are the key traits of successful individuals. Having discipline means that you will be able to focus your energy on your work, that you will be able to remove distractions, and that you won’t be easily put off by obstacles. Discipline helps individuals achieve goals and more often than not it’s a determining factor in the success of a person’s personal and professional endeavors


5. People Skills

Successful entrepreneurs are likable, they have a sense of humor, and they are able to network and meet people effortlessly. They are great communicators, they are great salespeople, they are great motivators, and most importantly, they are great leaders. Individuals with strong people skills are able to surround themselves with like-minded individuals and they are able to foster relationships that can help a business idea move forward.


One last note on becoming a successful entrepreneur: be proactive about meeting new people and expanding your network, one way to do this is by joining a coworking space or attending events hosted by these spaces.

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