Faces of Nashville with Pat Caron of Alzheimer’s Tennessee

July 19, 2019

Today, more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, it’s the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and one-third of our seniors die with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  With the disease affecting so many Tennesseans, it’s comforting to know there are many resources available for education, support, research and advocacy.


One of those resources is Alzheimer’s Tennessee, a 501 c3 organization located here in Nashville.  We sat down with Pat Caron, the Director of Constituent Relations and the Regional Director of the Middle Tennessee office, to learn more about this amazing organization.


Alzheimer’s Tennessee has the admirable mission to serve those facing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to promote brain health through education, and to champion global research, prevention and treatment efforts. They’ve been in Tennessee for over 33 years, and really work hard in the community to help with all aspects of the disease, from supporting affected family members, to educating health workers with their very own curriculum, even using a portion of their funding to fortify Alzheimer’s research in hopes of finding a cure.


Alzheimer’s Tennessee is committed to raising awareness, and part of how they do that is by holding community events such as the Alzheimer’s Walks in several different locations around the state.


The organization is also committed to spread information and add to the education of caregivers and doctors alike. An exciting upcoming event will be held on August 15th & 16th in Maryville, TN: The 33rd Annual Alzheimer’s Disease Management & Research Symposium targeted at Primary Care Physicians, Neurologists, Psychologists, Nurses, Nursing Home Administration, and other healthcare providers. It is a 2-day event which consists of courses and workshops put on by various expert speakers in the field.


We learned so much about all the different avenues that Alzheimer’s Tennessee takes to combat this disease because when Pat talks about the foundation, she gets very excited, and it’s impossible not to get excited with her! This is truly her passion, and it has been for many years.


A Tennessee native, Pat earned a Master of Science in Counseling degree from the University of Houston in Clear Lake, and started her career as a clinician, working with children and their families in Houston.


One day, she attended a conference focused on geriatric care, a day that she says changed her life. She knew that was the path for her, and she’s never looked back since. She became a Certified Dementia Specialist and has been working with older adults for over 20 years in clinical settings, as well as in assisted living settings and working in memory care.


We at Green Hills Office Suites are proud to work with Alzheimer’s Tennessee, one of our original members when we first opened our doors in 2015. We’ve truly enjoyed working with Pat since she joined the Nashville branch, and we look forward to many continued years with the organization.


Alzheimers Tennessee has been serving the state since 1983.  To learn more about them, contact them through their website.  You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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