How to Overcome Distractions while Working from Home 

May 14, 2019


Working from home is a blessing, especially among working parents. However, working home from isn’t always as amazing as it’s cut out to be. Yes, no commuting time is amazing and setting your own hours is great, but (and yes, there’s a big but), sometimes working from home is difficult, especially when there’s plenty to do around the house.


This is especially true during the Summer. Kids are home, the weather is nice, nature calls, and for some reason it’s quite challenging to sit down, get to work, and keep on working.


Luckily, there are various strategies you can implement to make sure that working from home works for you. It all lies in being able to overcome distractions (because quite frankly, you can’t really get rid of them 100%; we know because we’ve tried).


Have a routine and stick to it

The most important step to making sure you’re productive is to have a routine and, more importantly, that you stick to it.


Take regular breaks

We all need regular breaks…to stretch our legs, hydrate, go to the bathroom, get coffee or a snack, etc. Regular short breaks can improve your productivity and prevent burnout. Make sure you’re tracking your breaks, otherwise they become a source of distraction.


Play some music

Music can help you get in the zone and provide you with a nice rhythm for work. Many people advocate for classical music, video game music, and piano. Though most people go for lyric-less music, listen to whatever helps you tune into your work.


Prioritize tasks

At the beginning of the week, make a list of the different tasks or projects you need to fulfill. Prioritize them by importance, due date, and the amount of time you estimate each will take you. It’ll make it easier to stay organized and it can help you determine which tasks you need to tackle during your most productive hours.


Be flexible

Sometimes, things will get in the way of your concentration. This is OK. Part of the magic of working from home is that it offers people with a lot of flexibility and it’s OK for you to take advantage of that flexibility.


Get out of the house

One sure-proof way to avoid distractions while working from home is to get out of the house. Sometimes this is much needed, especially if the kids are home from school on vacations. You can go to a local coffee shop or join your neighborhood’s coworking space. Not only will these spaces minimize distractions, but they will also inspire you to be productive as you’ll be surrounded by working individuals.


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