Faces of Nashville with Dr. Christine Manley

February 26, 2019

The great Fred Rogers, of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, said, “When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.”   

Nashville is fortunate to have therapists such as Dr. Christine Manley who help people talk about their feelings and become less overwhelmed by what can sometimes be a scary world.  We welcomed the opportunity to chat with her this month about her practice, Nashville Therapist, LLC, her background, her passion and why she chose Green Hills Office Suites.

Dr. Manley began her psychology career by first pursuing her undergraduate degree in psychology, followed by her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University.   During her training, Dr. Manley concurrently worked at the Stanford University Depression Research Center where she became an expert in empowerment, anxiety, depression and PTSD/trauma.   

After many years of training, Dr. Manley knew she wanted to have her own practice.  She says, “I love practicing psychology and I thrive under self-direction.  I also dislike working for others and being told what to do.”  When asked how others would know it’s time to start their own practice, she shared this advice, “If you also think that you can do things better and more efficiently than any of your previous employers… my advice would be to take the leap and have faith in yourself.”

Great advice from Dr. Manley, but we also wanted to know if she has advice for people who are also interested in counseling others.  She offered this insight, “I would tell someone interested in practicing psychology that they should find a practicing psychologist and ask him or her for some guidance and direction.  Also, graduate school, training and licensure will be part of the picture… so be ready to commit to the long haul.”

Counseling others is difficult and takes a highly trained professional.  Solutions do not come easy or quickly.  But Dr. Manley thrives on challenges and her passion comes from knowing she is helping others.  “Being a part of my patients’ recovery and remission process is the most exciting part of my career.”

When looking for an office for her practice, Dr. Manley toured several locations but chose Green Hills Office Suites.   On why she chose Green Hills Office Suites, “I liked the modern amenities and location of Green Hills office Suites and so far, my experience has been excellent!”  She continued, “I’m very grateful for the help and support they provide me every single work day.” 

About Nashville Therapist LLC

Dr. Manley founded Nashville Therapist, LLC, a high-end very discreet private psychology practice in 2015 where she continues to specialize in the treatment of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and narcissism (both narcissists and survivors of narcissistic abuse).  Her primary focus is treating her patients, and because of her background Dr. Manley is particularly skilled when treating individuals living highly-demanding lifestyles.  She maintains a very private practice designed to accommodate this demographic, as well as their realistic need for a higher degree of discretion.  Overall, Dr. Manley believes in using state-of-the-art scientific research and treatment methods to provide personalized therapy that reflects her excellent training, reduces symptoms and improves her patients’ quality of life.

Apart from providing therapy, Dr. Manley enjoys educating the public about mental health issues via radio interviews, consulting with writers and television producers, and supervising and training other psychologists.  Most recently (2018) Dr. Manley enjoyed contributing expert opinions to Forbes.com, Health.com, Leepson Bounds Entertainment (for the Oxygen Network) and appearing on Nashville Today (WSM AM650).

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