In This Season of Giving, Green Hills Office Suites Partners with Toys for Tots Nashville

November 17, 2018

Just last year an estimated $410.02 billion was donated to charitable causes, and according to Charity Navigator, it was the third year in a row that total giving reached record levels.


This year should be no different. Whether you run an SME, a large organization or are a solopreneur, you can do your part by giving back and getting involved. There are various ways to give back, you can volunteer for food drives, you can donate money, or you can volunteer your professional services.


In fact, Charity Navigator reports that donations from individuals account for over two-thirds of all donations–this without adding gifts from bequests, which when taken into consideration account for nearly 80% of all giving.


No matter how you choose to give back, make sure that where you’re putting your efforts is a worthy cause and organization. A good place to start is to think of causes that are important to you and those who work with you. This can be a foundation that focuses on medical research, one that helps elderly people, one that helps children, or one that helps animals.


Once you know which cause you wish to support, start researching the different organizations whose mission aligns with yours. You can choose to support a local, regional, national or international organization. Once you’ve selected a few organizations, make sure you dig into what type of work they do, where they need the most help, and that all of their relevant and important information is available for you to double-check. The last thing you want to happen when giving back is falling prey to a scam or an organization that misuses its resources.


If you’re not sure how or whom to support, you can join the Green Hills Office Suites cause.


This year, we will be working with Toys for Tots Nashville. Local Toys for Tots Campaigns are the heart and soul of the Marine Toys for Tots Program managed by dedicated United States Marines and local volunteers. The Marine Toys for Tots Program has been delivering a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters since 1947.


Staff Sergeant Cameron Bowling, Toys for Tots Coordinator for 2018 Campaign Middle Tennessee, on behalf of the Marines of Kilo Company 3/23 thanks Nashville for their continuous support of the Toys for Tots program in Middle Tennessee.

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