How to Finish the Year on a High Note

November 30, 2018

And just like that, 2018 is coming to a fast end. But before the 31st of December rolls around, you should take some time to review the past year in order to better prepare for the one ahead.


It’s the perfect time for you to take a careful look to your yearly outcomes. Did you meet your goals? Did you surpass them? Was there something you didn’t accomplish? Was there something that failed or backlashed?


These are important questions that you need to answer to make sure that next year you walk and grow along the right path.


Here are some things you can (and should) do to end your year on a high note and be ready to tackle on 2019.


  • Schedule one to one meetings with all of your team members. Take the time to sit down with everyone (including yourself) to talk about what worked out this year, what didn’t, and where they see opportunity for improvement. Don’t’ think of the meeting as a performance review, think of them as an opportunity to learn from your team.


  • Say goodbye to attachment. It’s hard to let go of our own ideas and projects, but sometimes that’s the best course of action. If during the year you worked hard on something that still didn’t work out, let it go. Letting it go will allow you to work on new projects, think of new ideas, and invest your time in other areas that are working out. It’s a tough call, but one a successful business leader needs to be able to make.


  • Focus on progress. Whether you met all of your goals or not, you need to focus on what you did right throughout the year. What were the highlights of the year, what worked out best, what provided results that went above and beyond what you and others expected? Taking a close look to your progress will help you identify your strongest and weakest areas. This can provide you with valuable insights that help you strategize and plan for the year ahead.


  • Reassess your goals. If you and your team are meeting goals too easily, it means you might need to change that goal or set tougher ones. If you aren’t meeting your goals, it means you may be looking at the wrong thing and it’s time to reassess how you measure progress and success. In any case, it’s always good to make sure the goals you establish align well with your business’ overall vision and raison d’etre.


  • Evaluate your environment. The workplace environment can drive or hinder productivity. Look at your space, how does it make you feel? Is the furniture comfortable? Is your nose stuffy or clear? Are you feeling tired or energized? Does your technology frustrate or empower you? Are you motivated? Look at how certain workplace elements affect your mood and efficiency. Maybe you need to revamp your technology infrastructure, maybe you need to add some plants, maybe you need to buy new chairs. In any case, make sure you’re creating a workplace where people can thrive and perform their best.


  • Recharge. You know how some devices just need to be powered off for a moment to go back to optimal functioning? The same goes for humans. Take advantage of the end of the year Holidays to recharge yourself. You’ll be back in 2019 with more energy and a clear purpose.


To finish the year on a high note, make sure you look back before you start planning ahead, to make sure that you continue advancing on the right path.  For planning your workspace needs including private offices, meeting rooms and virtual offices, contact Green Hills Office Suites.

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