Faces of Nashville with Eloise Foley

November 30, 2018

This week we were excited to sit down with Eloise Foley as we launch our Faces of Nashville.  Eloise is a Virtuoso travel advisor with Nashville Travel.   Each day she has the pleasure of working with discerning clientele, with a myriad of trip requests, and she eagerly curates the ideal itinerary for each client, regardless of travel type or destination.  She operates as Nashville Travel, in independent affiliate of Travel Experts, your Virtuoso agency.

Eloise began her career in the travel industry as a teenager.  She was 19 and living on the British Island of Montserrat.  She recalls living in the Caribbean, where there were always exciting events taking place on neighboring islands, including carnivals, sailing competitions, music festivals, cricket competitions etc.  There were a lot of people who frequented most of these events, especially over the long holiday weekends.  “So, I conceived the perfect plan, that would allow me to customize my departure and return times and travel free of cost, and thought it was a brilliant idea.”  She continues, “I spoke to the local travel company and they told me I needed to charter a plane.  It would feel like my very own private plane.  I could set my times and, if I could fill that plane, then my round-trip ticket would be free!  Thus, began my exciting travel career.”

Eloise finds her career as a travel agent very rewarding.  She truly gets excited putting together amazing vacations for her clients and says; “I know that I’ve researched and arranged the perfect trip for my clients; and the payoff is when my clients return and say thank you for an unforgettable experience.”

We asked Eloise about her favorite place to travel.  When I stop traveling, I will answer this question differently I’m sure.  In the meantime, there are a few that are at the top of my list, but if I must choose…”.  When Eloise travels, she wants to feel something, she wants to experience the people, the culture, the food.  Each place affects her differently.

“I love Greece, I think the Greek people are some of the most passionate people that I’ve ever encountered.  They are in love with their country and it’s addicting when you are around them. They enjoy life.”  She continues on Greece, “What’s not to love?  The weather is perfect, the beaches rival some of the best in the Caribbean, their wines are winning awards, the Mediterranean diet is envied by all, any outdoor activity you can imagine on land or water, you can do either on the main land or some of the Islands, you can even ski in Greece in the winter.  Their hotels are aesthetically pleasing; and they have a large portfolio of hotels to suit any traveler.  Each Island has its own unique identity.”

When asked what kind of traveler would enjoy Greece, she responded, “Greece is perfect for everyone, honeymooners, families, friends, solo traveler, foodies, reunions. You can be as active or as laid back as you wish.  It’s a yachting paradise, a perfect place to sail away.  This is a country I intend to revisit.”

Eloise is excited about her new venture with Travel Experts.  After thirty years in the travel business including the last fifteen years working as an independent contractor with the Virtuoso Agency, Belle Meade Vacations, it was just time to move on.  “I had a different vision for myself, and for my clients and I am excited about this new venture of mine.”  She contributes her early success to understanding her job fully and accruing a portfolio of loyal clients who appreciate her and were willing to follow her to her new business.

She also offers great advice for others who may want to start their own business, “regardless of what your job is, love what you do, be passionate about it, and believe in you!”.

Still new to Green Hills Office Suites, she is thrilled with the location because it is closer to most of her clients and is convenient for them to visit.  She speaks glowingly of the manager, Brooke Stackpole, “Brooke was ever so professional and caring and helped me choose the right office package, and Google Fiber fast internet speed sealed the deal.  Everyone has been courteous and helpful, and the free coffee is a nice perk.”

To learn more about Eloise and her future travel adventures; check out her website or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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