Benefits of Supporting Local Businesses

September 12, 2018


Buying local has various advantages, this is especially true when the relationship of ‘staying local’ is B2B (business-to-business). By supporting local businesses, you can help power and sustain local entrepreneurship, which can have a ripple effect in your town, city or neighborhood’s economy.


1. Create jobs and decent wages
Local businesses can generate new employment opportunities for members of the community. Moreover, these companies tend to pay better wages and rates to employees than national or international brands.


2. Support your community
Helping local businesses stay in business means that you are helping your community stay vibrant and alive. Local businesses build a strong community by creating an environment that’s conducive to support, networking, and new opportunities.


3. Make a local economic impact
When you buy local, money stays local. This translates into more local investment for the development and improvement of the local community and area. This loops in with benefit number one, listed above.


4. Environmental and urban sustainability
Local businesses tend to engage in environmentally-friendly practices. Moreover, since they are creating new gathering areas where people can walk, eat, shop and more, they are contributing to the town, city, or neighborhood’s urban or suburban wellbeing.


5. Better customer service
Local businesses are powered and run by people from the community; they know their people, which translates into better customer service, as it tends to be personalized. Moreover, local business owners tend to be in direct and constant contact with their employees, with helps ensure top quality service and attention at all touchpoints.


6. A healthier you and a healthier family
This applies mostly to consumption products, like food, soaps, beverages, and the like. Not only do these products tend to be locally produced, therefore using less chemicals, but also, they are made by people you know, which gives you a sense of trust that what you are buying is good for you and your family.


At Green Hills Office Suites we support local businesses by providing them with a locally owned and run space where they can get their work done, find new clients, and make new meaningful connections.

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