Avoiding the Distractions Of Summer With Home Based Business Or Start Up

July 06, 2018

Summer is just around the corner; the sun will be shining, calling you from outside the window to go out, get some vitamin D, and enjoy the fresh air. Just as it is hard to focus when the weather is gloomy outside, it’s just as hard to stay focused when the weather is nice, especially as there are a million more activities you could be doing other than working from home.


Now, if you have children, working from home during the summer might be even harder, as your kids are likely home on vacation from school and they will want your attention, they will want to go out, have fun, and have a summer full of activities.


The distractions of working from home are endless, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sit down and complete your tasks. So here are a few tips to help you avoid those imminent distractions.


Set a work schedule

Even though you are working by yourself, it’s important that you set a working schedule for yourself. This will also help you establish a routine, which will increase your productivity levels as you won’t be switching from work, to cooking breakfast, to eating, to getting ready, to back to work, etc.


If you have kids, get them busy

If your kids are home from school, make sure you have activities planned for them. Get them a pool pass, have them go ride a bike, hire a babysitter, have them help with cleaning, cooking and make these activities fun.


Take short breaks

No one works nonstop for several hours and everyone needs a break every now and then. So, in your work schedule set some break times that you can use to go out for a walk, go to the grocery store, get lunch ready, play with your kids, etc.


Eliminate distractions

We all depend on our phones more than we should, but when you’re getting work done, it’s important that you are able to leave your phone off or on silent and that you don’t feel the need to check social media or your texts every five minutes. This goes as well for house chores. No matter how tempted you are, the kitchen can wait to be cleaned and the laundry can be done after you are done.


Consider joining a flexible workspace

Even if only part-time, sometimes getting out of the house will inspire you and help you focus. Flexible workspaces are full of buzz, productive buzz that might encourage you to get things done and faster, which means you will be able to better enjoy the Summer weather and activities.


It’s Summer, adjust your work schedule

It’s Summertime, so find ways in which you can reduce your work schedule if possible. Maybe alter your hours and work more during the early morning and late afternoon, that way you have a good chunk of the day left for activities and to enjoy yourself.

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