Essential tools and supports for starting your own virtual law office

April 20, 2018

The legal industry today bears little resemblance to historical law business models. With the advent of alternative legal suppliers, independent paralegal offices, and on-demand online law services, the pressure to remain agile and viable is huge. Because of this, many attorneys are opting to go solo, setting up a virtual firm to serve their clients more efficiently and economically.


Whether you are just out of law school or going your own way after working for a larger firm, starting a virtual law office is an exciting prospect. It will allow you to focus on delivering the services you want to provide and to market yourself in a way that puts you in complete control of your destiny.


How technology enables the virtual law office

Remaining financially viable is the goal of any small business. Maintaining a traditional office and all the technology, equipment, and staff you will need to make it work is a massive financial burden – and one that is largely unnecessary due to the accessibility and security of today’s technology.


From online communication to digital document management, today’s technology allows you to do the work of an entire administrative team in a fraction of the time. Repetitive processes like creating standard contracts or sending invoices can be automated to save time. Automatic notifications can be sent to your clients to remind them of upcoming meetings, court cases, and so on, sparing you the bother of keeping track of every little thing so you can focus on higher-value tasks.


Secure online portals can be set up for clients to access their private documents, and online fill and sign applications can be used to obtain signatures quickly and effortlessly. The time you save will be delivered right back to the bottom line, as you can devote your time to building your practice rather than chasing paperwork.


Work from anywhere and lower your overhead

In the past, the legal firm’s offices were a measure of their success. In an office that supports several litigators, it might be worthwhile to have a full staff, in-house paralegals, marble floors, and a $10K espresso bar, but for independent attorneys, it just doesn’t make sense.


Today’s savvy consumer is focused on convenience above all. An independent lawyer can leverage technology to provide as much access as their clients need, but maintaining a professional image is still important. Having a well-equipped executive office to work from fills this need. If you are practicing law in Nashville, Green Hills Office Suites is the perfect base of operations, providing you with a smart and agile solution to all your business needs.


Your clients will enjoy a welcoming reception and waiting area, and you will have access to professional staff when you need them. Whether you choose a dedicated office or virtual office solutions, your business needs will be met both professionally and economically, supporting your business growth and activities no matter where they take you.


Are you considering a virtual law office in Nashville? Drop by Green Hills Office Suites for a tour, and find out how we can be a valuable partner in your success.

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