Make your meetings more productive: How Green Hills Office Suites can help!

March 03, 2018

Nashville is a place where people get things done. There are more entrepreneurs, startups, and sole proprietorships here than just about any major city in the nation and that trend is growing.


One thing is for sure, though: if you are in business, you will need to have meetings occasionally. Meetings are important to the growth of your company as it connects your stakeholders to the process and encourages the flow of ideas and collaboration.


Green Hills Office Suites is meeting central. We offer meeting rooms and conference rooms on-demand, both for our members and any business who needs to pull together a meeting or presentation. With several meeting room sizes to choose from, your needs can be accommodated on your terms and within your timeframe.


Some of the other ways we can help your meetings be more productive include:


1. Meeting organization services

Our professionally trained front office staff can help you by contacting your attendees and making sure they receive all the relevant details before they arrive. This helps you maximize your own time, which you can then use for higher-value tasks.


2. Parking, reception, and waiting area

Green Hills offers plenty of free parking space and a comfortable reception area for your attendees. Our front office staff is capable, pleasant, helpful, and friendly, ensuring that your team has everything they need while helping you project a professional image.


3. Coffee and refreshments

If your meeting is going to be a long one, you better make sure you have some water, coffee, and tea on hand to keep everybody going. We are happy to provide beverage services and will even take care of catering or your lunch order, should you need one.


4. No interruptions

To get things accomplished, you need to be sure you are not interrupted by annoying phone calls or other distractions. Simply forward your calls to our front desk and our friendly reception staff will take messages for you until you finish your meeting.


5. Meet with your team, no matter where they are

Today’s businesses often support a remote workforce. Nashville may be your company’s headquarters, or it may be a satellite location, but no matter how it is structured, we can help you connect. Our on-demand meeting rooms come standard with the latest in audio and video conferencing technology, and we can get you connected through Skype or your preferred video conferencing network, or you can use our high-quality conference phones to get more done.


These are just some of the ways the team at Green Hills helps businesses make their meetings more productive. Call today to learn more or drop by for a tour.

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