5 Ways to Successfully Grow your Instagram Account

November 29, 2017

If you are a small business owner you already know how important it is to establish your brand on social media. You quickly learn that the key to engagement is consistency and that producing, posting, and sharing good content will help you build an appreciative audience over time.

You probably have a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account as well—the latter being hands-down the most important way that people engage with social media these days—and you are always looking for ways you can expand your following. With you in mind, we’ve put together five top tips that should help you grow your Instagram following in no time:

1. On Instagram, engagement is #1

Instagram has recently introduced an algorithm that rates content by its engagement. If your content is not engaging, it will be shown less. While creating engaging content might take a little trial and error on your part, pay close attention to the posts that get the most action and lean in that direction. It’s more about what your audience wants to see rather than what you think they should see.

2. Be responsive

Responding to comments is important, not just when you’re starting out, but throughout your business lifecycle. If people are taking the time to send you a message or comment on your post, that means that it’s grabbed them in some way. Thank them. Consider their ideas and suggestions and respond appropriately. Reaching out and personalizing your brand image is so important when you’re just getting started. Connections like this build strong relationships.

3. Know your audience

Over time, you will get to know exactly what kind of posts your followers want to see and engage with. In the beginning, however, stay as true to your brand and demographic as possible and resist the temptation to post or repost generic-looking content—especially once you’ve managed to build a decent following—as that is a sure-fire way to fade into the background. Build your strategy around what your audience likes and give them plenty of reasons to come back for more.

4. Be strategic

Just like sending newsletters or posting on Facebook, there are prime times that Instagrammers are more likely to see and engage with your posts. Since these times may be different for different industries, test constantly to ensure you are hitting your marks. Use Instagram’s analytics to gauge post engagement at various times of the day to find out what works best for your people.

5. Consistency is king

Like any successful undertaking, consistency is the key to the kingdom. Post at regular intervals, and pre-establish a content calendar so that you can prepare posts in advance. Be active if you want to stand out. Posting once a week just isn’t going to cut it. Competition is very high right now and you risk getting lost in the shuffle if you don’t adhere to some kind of a schedule. Many top brands use a single filter, also. This helps your followers to identify your brand more easily and gives your posts a streamlined look and feel.

In conclusion, Instagram has become a major part of business social strategy and if you’re not on it or not taking advantage of it, you may be missing out in a big way! Get started today using your creativity and these five tips and see how far you can soar.

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