3 Ways Your Office Environment Affects Productivity

September 22, 2017


Your business continuity depends on your workforce’s ability to be productive. But did you realize that your office environment might be having a negative effect on what matters most?


Designing and maintaining a space that is conducive to innovation, collaboration, and efficiency should be the foundations of your workplace strategy. Ideally, it should be a pleasant environment that limits distraction and supports your office culture while offering a comfortable place to get down to business.


Distraction is the biggest threat to office productivity


Even the best multitaskers might have trouble refocusing their attention after being distracted. Studies show that it may take a person up to 23 minutes to get back on track at the same level of focus.

Adding to this issue is the fact that distractions in general are on the increase. Combine this with the growing prevalence of open-concept office design, it’s easy to see how even the most basic tasks can be derailed.

Let’s look at some common distractions, and ways in which your office environment may be having a less-than-optimal impact on your employees’ productivity:


1. Too much noise

While some background noise is unavoidable, the presence of excessive noise, loud or intermittent music, indoor or outdoor traffic, loud voices, noisy floors, slamming doors, equipment noise, or noise from adjoining suites could make for an office environment in which it is very difficult to get anything done at all. While not all of these noises are avoidable, installing some soundproof barriers, carpeting, or transmitting some low-volume pink noise throughout the office suite might help minimize any jarring changes in noise volume.


2. Improper lighting

While sufficient light is necessary to get work done without straining the eyes, light that is too bright and too harsh can cause headaches, which will undoubtedly lead to a lower quality of work. Conversely, lighting that is too dim causes eye strain, drowsiness, and lack of focus, which could lead to poor productivity and overall motivation to be productive. Proximity to natural light is considered an optimal condition, but if that is not possible, try to strike a balance between the two. Install light combinations that are bright enough to support a cheerful mood, but can be dimmed to an appropriate level if need be. Smart LED lightbulbs have the ability to support millions of color combinations, which can be very helpful in crafting a mood that is conducive to increased productivity.


3. Uncomfortable furniture

A comfortable work environment encourages productivity. A comfortable, ergonomically designed chair can help workers who may need to stay seated for long periods of time. For some, it may be advantageous to supply them with an adjustable height desk so they can alternate between standing and sitting as they work. For this type of setup, VariDesk is a good choice as they carry some models that can be easily installed on top of an existing desk. Additionally, a cluttered or disorganized workspace contributes to workplace anxiety. An office with furniture groupings that are well-spaced lends an air of calm and serenity. Be sure to include comfortable lounge areas and groupings that can serve as an alternate work or meeting space when your workers need a change of scenery. When your employees are more relaxed and less stressed they will undoubtedly be more productive.


Conclusion: office environment matters!

Happy, comfortable employees will work harder and be far more productive than if they are not. Basic needs such as proper lighting, comfortable furniture, and a noise-free environment can contribute to their comfort in a big way.

If you are interested in more great tips on how to make your office environment more conducive to productivity, connect with Green Hills Office Suites today. We’re Nashville’s premier flexible office space provider, and we’d love to help.

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