Work-Life Balance: Why it’s Important

July 07, 2017

You might think that you are absolutely indispensable and that the entire company would fall apart if you turned your back for a second … but what if it was you that fell apart? Where would your company be then?

Taking time off might seem like a luxury to some, but studies show that time away from work actually helps productivity, and there is irrefutable proof that it also helps the economy.

Other benefits to having a better work-life balance include:

Greater happiness: it’s no secret, doing the things you love will put a smile on your face!

Better overall health: heart attacks, stroke, poor diet, obesity, auto-immune diseases, headaches and more – all attributable to being overworked. Say goodbye to that!

Less sick days taken: not being so stressed, being happier and healthier – priceless.

Lower rates of divorce: if your family actually gets to see you and remembers what a great person you are, chances are they won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Less incidence of job burnout: even if you love your job, too much of a good thing is still too much. Keep your job longer, be more productive, and bring 100% of your game every single day.

Still unsure about how you’re going to pull it off? Here are some great tips to help you get your head around finding your perfect work-life balance:

Set clear boundaries and let your people know

Make the decision that your work hours are between certain times. Inform your clients that you will be unreachable on certain days of the week. Tell them in advance when you’re going on vacation, and let them know you will be unreachable during that time. Most importantly, don’t be swayed to change your plans. If a project, a meeting or a new assignment drops on your desk that involves cutting into your personal time, politely decline, pass it over to someone else, or try to defer it for a couple of days. The world will not end in the meantime, we promise!

Learn how to delegate or automate

These days, there is plenty of technology that can help you automate repetitive tasks. To that end, there are probably lots of people who can help you take care of day-to-day tasks that take up a lot of your time but don’t necessarily need you to do them. If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, consider hiring a virtual assistant. If you work in a flexible work environment such as an executive office suite, there may already be staff on hand that can take some of these tasks off your plate. Outsource work to freelancers when you can to free up more time, either for more important business-growth activities or just purely for yourself.

Make yourself a priority

Most people have some ability to prioritize, and if you’re an entrepreneur or solopreneur, it’s a skill that can really help you get things done. But how about penciling yourself into that equation? After all, if you’re the top dog, it’s important that you remain as sharp, focused and on your game as possible, and that means you’re going to need to take care of number one (that’s you). Keep in mind that if you get sick, burnt-out, stressed out or worse, you’ll be letting a lot of people down.

Don’t worry so much about perfection

The pursuit of perfection can keep you at your desk far longer than your brain will pay attention. Know when to say ‘when’, and pack it in when things aren’t flowing as they should. Stepping away from an assignment or a situation lends fresh perspective, too, so you’ll be doing yourself, and the quality of your work, a huge favor. Tomorrow is always another day. Now go home and play with your kids, or your toys, or whatever makes you smile. Because that will make a huge difference in the way you approach your work when you do come back.

Green Hills Office Suites: flexible office space in Nashville, TN

We know you work hard. But all work and no play not only makes you dull, but it will derail your productivity when you are at work. If you are struggling with how to manage your busy work schedule and your personal time, having a fully staffed, flexible office space might help. Come by Green Hills Office Suites for a tour, or drop us a line, and find out how we can help you strike that perfect balance.

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