How Your Small Business can Reduce Costs with a Virtual Office

May 09, 2017

If you are just building your business, if you are a solopreneur, an entrepreneur, or a large corporation, a virtual office can help you save money in a myriad of ways, helping you handle many essential functions without having to shoulder the extra payroll expense, a lease, or the cost of purchasing furniture and office equipment.

Here are just some of the top ways a virtual office can benefit your operations:

1. Eliminate the monthly overhead.

Office space rental often comes with a huge rent payment every month, and this is only the beginning. Once you are in the space, you would have to furnish it, and purchase the technology you require to do your work: printers, computer workstations, copy machine, routers, modems, the list goes on. Installation of phone lines and internet also comes at a hefty price if you have to start from scratch. In a virtual office setting, all these amenities come standard. If you choose to work in the building, there are desks, copy machines, printers, super-fast internet, and a café with an array of beverages and gourmet coffee.

2. Physical business address.

Your business needs a physical address in order to look professional. A virtual office provides you with an address that you can use on your business cards, website and more, assuring your customers that you are not a fly-by-night company, and that you mean business. You’re saving money because you don’t have the huge monthly lease payment, and all the other expenses that go along with it.

3. Call answering and forwarding.

Your business calls can be answered and forwarded by a real person, giving you an added layer of sophistication, and making sure that you don’t miss any important calls. Many virtual office locations offer voicemail to email service, so that you can get your messages on the go, even after hours.

4. Access to meeting rooms by the day or by the hour.

Even if you have no need to be in a physical office space every day, there will always come a time when you need to greet clients, investors, or interview employees. Your virtual office location often offers fully-equipped meeting rooms that you can pay for as you go, or as part of a pre-determined package.

5. Flexibility.

One of the biggest benefits of a virtual office is in flexibility. Most virtual office spaces are accessible 24/7, meaning that you don’t have to conform your workflow to meet somebody else’s schedule. You can choose to work during the times you are most productive, and if you only need the office for a few days out of the month, you don’t have to feel guilty for not using the space. After all, it’s not costing you that much.

Last but not least, a virtual office space will help your local SEO rankings. Having a physical address is the only way to rank for local SEO, and the only way you can establish a Google Places listing.

Green Hills: helping your small business save money with virtual office services.

Green Hills Office Suites in Nashville provides full-service meeting rooms, as well as shared and virtual office solutions for small businesses, startups and independent businesses of all kinds. If you are looking for daily meeting room rentals, or flexible full-service short term office space in Nashville, there is no better location. Give us a call or drop by for a tour today. We’d love to show you around, and talk about how we can help you grow your business.

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