5 Ways Millennials Have Changed Business Practice

May 31, 2017

Millennials are changing our perception of everything we know and have come to accept. Far from the work-averse, entitled slackers some would have us believe, they are actually shaping the way we do business on just about every level – some for better, some for worse (according to others), but no matter how you lean, the reality is here to stay. If you think your business has not been touched by the millennial generation, here are a few points that might make you rethink that statement:


They consume media like no other generation.

Whether it’s games, entertainment, news, reviews, or shopping online, the message is that as business owners, we need to get on board. We no longer have a tolerance for slow or outdated websites, and if a company’s social media presence is stagnant, it’s as good as dead in the water. This is a result of a certain expectation that companies they want to deal with will also care about the same things that they do from a media standpoint. Companies that care about their business are more focused on media content creation and web development than ever before.


They have brought our shopping experience online

We can buy just about anything online and have it delivered these days, from groceries to cosmetics, clothes, even furniture. While the world races around us, it’s suddenly possible to buy ourselves more time by taking advantage of this trend. Companies that want to cash in on the millennial market need to get in line with this idea and make their products and services available to purchase online – the easier it is, the better.


Empowering an entire generation of remote workers

Ten years ago, the boss would have been appalled at the thought of you getting paid to work at home, but remote working has many advantages: less gridlock and pollution, a lower stress level resulting from the commute, and less time wasted just sitting in traffic or on route. This allows companies to easily expand their workforce without having to expand their real estate footprint.


They have changed the way we approach customer service

When your customers have the option to rate and review their experience with you, it tends to put a sharper focus on the quality of your interactions. To remain relevant and competitive, companies must be diligently seeking out ways to improve their image and product, even if it means reaching out individually to every single customer who has lodged a complaint. Inaction is worse than the offense that started the negative chain of events in the first place: we must be aware that the words people speak about us are just as important as what we say about ourselves. They’ve turned the mirror back on us, and that creates accountability.


They can accomplish much with very little

With the advent of sites such as Uber, UpWork, Fiverr, or Freelancer, a work-deprived generation can suddenly support themselves by doing freelance work that big companies might not be able to support with a full-time position. This benefits companies in a big way, also, because the accessibility of freelancers has made it easy to outsource short-term or project based tasks of all kinds.


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