Flexible Workspaces for Today’s Workers

April 18, 2017

Flexible workspaces are now mainstream. And for good reason. As soon as you walk into a flexible workspace center, you will likely be struck by its design, it’s communal feel, and its unmatched buzz. Flexible offices have revolutionized the concept of ‘office’.


Long gone are the days when the office was a place people were stuck in from 9 to 5. We’ve said our goodbyes to opaque and beige walls, intimidating reception areas, oversized desks, and presidential chairs. Instead, we’ve embraced minimalist design, ergonomic furniture, accent walls, glass, natural light, and casual workplaces.


In other words, the world has embraced flexible offices, and Green Hills Office Suites is no exception.


Our parents’ offices are a thing of the past, and flexible workspaces are proof of this. Our members choose to come into our center every day, and for various reasons. The open and shared environment, access to the latest workplace technology, friendly staff and fellow coworkers; basically, because through our flexible workplace offering, we’ve created an environment that’s conducive of collaboration, creativity, innovation, and productivity.


All around the world, flexible workspaces have been the response and solution to the demands of the new workforce generation, and both the new and the previous generation have greatly benefited from this workplace transformation.


Our workspace options are a confirmation that we’re living in a world where the workplace is somewhere people choose to be in, they choose to be inspired by the surroundings and the environment we provide, by the diversity of people they have the opportunity to interact with.


Flexible workspaces are the staple of what a 21st century office should look and feel like. They’re the physical manifestation of collaboration, innovation, and community. They have given the office concept a 360-degree turn, turning the office from a place workers have to be to one they want to be in. There’s a reason why today’s workplace is a key player in talent retention, wellness, and work-life integration.


But let’s focus on more than just the physical space. People and design aside, one of the reasons why flexible workspaces have grown in popularity is due to their emphasis on hospitality. Take for example our Green Hills center, where we offer mail forwarding and handling services, live receptionist services, community events, printing services, and much more.


Want to learn more about how our Green Hills flexible workspace solutions are everything but what your parents would call an office? Click here!

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