The Best Ways for Businesses to Stay Productive During the Holidays

November 22, 2016

With the holidays coming, chances are you, your employees and your clients are all trying to get ready for the fun with friends and family! No matter what your business, the holidays are an exciting and busy time of year. Clients will be clamoring for your attention first so they can get things wrapped up before the year comes to a close. Productive time is reduced with holiday parties and time out of office while deadlines are moved up.

How does a business owner balance less time in the office with the increase in productivity needed to get things done faster? Green Hills Office Suites has you covered with these five productivity solutions!

Keep Employees Engaged and Stress Levels Low

Create an environment that encourages thoughtful engagement from your staff. Ask them for their input when it comes to getting creative in meeting moved-up deadlines and additional projects that inevitably crop up at the end of the year. Find ways for staff members to help one another, especially if anyone is taking additional time off. Foster a team environment and keep the stress level low to keep everyone at their most productive and avoid poor output just for the sake of speed. With the whole staff working toward a common goal, things will get done well and done on time.

Green Hills Office Suites Client Tip: Incorporate our administrative staff into your team and let us assist with live phone answering, mailings and more to give your employees the chance to really focus on the task at hand.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Your employees are doubtlessly looking forward to holidays spent with family.
Embrace the nature of the holiday season and create a community atmosphere in the office. Keep your employees happy and occupied with activities that incorporate everyone. Luncheons, potlucks, Secret Santa — all are fun, easy ways to keep your employees engaged at the office while allowing them time to revel in the festivities of the season and give them something extra to look forward to!

Green Hills Office Suites Client Tip: Our meeting rooms are here for your use as a great place for a small celebration. We can even help you cater a get-together for your staff and clients to show your appreciation!

Plan Ahead for the Holidays

Plan ahead when it comes to their upcoming time off, including time they may need to prep for the holiday. With a calendar that everyone can see and add to as needed, everyone in the office can take into account the upcoming schedule and plan accordingly. This will help you avoid anyone scrambling for time off at the last minute or having to try to complete projects without essential team members. Knowing who is where and when will act as a huge stress reliever for employees, clients and yourself.

Green Hills Office Suites Client Tip: Keep us posted as to where calls should be directed and our friendly reception and live phone answering team will help direct clients to the appropriate person even as others are out of the office!

Don’t Overstaff or Understaff

Every business is different and staffing needs vary, especially during the holidays. At this time of the year, many of your employees will likely ask for time off. Be sure that you have the amount of staff needed to handle your projects. If you overstaff, then you may end up with employees who are sitting around without much to do. On the other hand, if you find yourself understaffed your remaining employees might hit burnout mode early on. It’s a delicate balance.

Green Hills Office Suites Client Tip: Check in with our staff to see where we can be of service to you so you can ensure a well-balanced team for the holiday season.

Green Hills Office Suites is Here to Help

The staff at Green Hills Office Suites can be your holiday heroes. If you’re trying to get holiday cards out, end of year statements mailed, new proposals delivered or just need someone to help take the added time of answering phones off your plate, we are here for you. With our support staff on the job, you will find your holiday much more joyous and less stressful.

Maintaining productivity in the workplace is important any time of the year, and is especially so during the holidays. Our services here at Green Hills Office Suites can only help to reduce the amount of stress on your employees, allowing them to more fully concentrate on their work. If you’re interested in knowing more about how we can help your business during this busy time of year, contact us.

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