Small Business 101: You Need a Virtual Business Address for Great SEO Results

August 19, 2016

Many small businesses, particularly ones that operate primarily on the Internet, decide to opt out of maintaining a traditional office in a bid to save costs. While there are definitely advantages to skipping the traditional physical office, this practice can lead to a challenge with search engine optimization (known as “SEO”) results. Fortunately, you can boost your SEO results by using a virtual business address.

Why does it affect SEO if your business has a physical address or not?

Google and other search engines use a proprietary algorithm to impact search results. One factor they consider is whether the business has a physical address. This is because search engines want their results to be as relevant to the end-user as possible, including finding local and nearby results for them.

For example: If someone is searching for virtual office space in Nashville, Tennessee, the first results a search engine will provide for them will be addresses of offices that offer this service and they will likely never even see results from offices without any address listed at all.

With their reputation on the line along with that of the business, search engines like to be able to verify a business with a physical location because it requires a two-step verification process that ensures less of a likelihood that the business is not real. This also keeps businesses with a lesser moral commitment from stuffing the internet with business listings to direct people to their website under false names and pretenses.

Because of this, search engines tend to push the results of “virtual” businesses with no physical address further down the list of results when someone performs a search and will not verify the listing, one-way users filter validity of a business listing. At one point, an online business could counter this by listing a PO box or the street address of the post office where they had their PO box. However, search engines have caught on to this tactic and have firmly closed these loopholes.

So what is a small business to do?

It would be unreasonable to expect every small business out there to run out and rent office space just to improve their search engine ranking. Many online businesses are operated by just one or two people and may not currently need a physical office.

This is where virtual business addresses come in. A virtual office is essentially a business office (or several offices) that small businesses may use when they need a physical address.

If you own or operate a small business virtually you continue to do so, while still having the advantage of maintaining a physical office address. At Green Hills Office Suites, you can become a virtual office client to use the office address. Depending on the client package you select, you can have the option to meet clients at the address and use conference rooms, office equipment, and a phone answering service.

Why would a small business use a virtual business address?

For an affordable monthly rate, you have the benefit of having a physical office address you can use to boost your SEO results. Plus, in the event that you do end up needing to meet a client or customer, you can use professional office space instead of making arrangements to meet at a coffee shop or other less formal location.

In addition, the use of a phone answering service lends your business an air of authenticity. Customers will get an elevated impression of your business and never even need to know that you work out of your home–even if that is actually the case!

If you are ready to take steps toward improving your search engine ranking would like more information on the benefits of a virtual office, please contact our professional team at Green Hills Office Suites today!

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