Ways to Maximize The Efficiency of your Office Space

July 27, 2016

You most likely exceed the standard 40-hour workweek, making your office space your second home.  Not only are we spending more time in the office, but studies have shown that the average space an employee now uses has decreased by about 50% over the past 20 years.  So why shouldn’t your office be a space where you feel comfortable and productive throughout the day? With over 20 years of experience on our management team, Green Hills Office Suites has the keys to success when it comes to planning the most efficient office for today’s workers.  Here are some great ideas on how to make your office more efficient and comfortable.


Plan it out!

First, make a note of your layout and start measuring out the space you’ll have your office in along with any furniture. Don’t forget to mark down where all of the electrical outlets are to avoid having a bunch of cables all over the place! For now, just start with the essential items (desks, chairs, filing cabinets) and work around these bigger items.

If you plan on having a view of the outside, be sure to keep that in mind when designing the layout. You don’t want your computer screen to be unreadable because of a glare coming from the window. But you also don’t want your desk placement to be seen as uninviting for visitors.


Optimize Your Existing Furniture.

Go up, not out.  Think about replacing tables with shelves.  Creative accessories will allow you to mount things on the walls and stack items.  Printers can easily go on top of file cabinets, shelves can be used for books and binders that would usually go into a cabinet or drawer.  Try to use any negative spaces in or around your furniture to be used for other appliances like tucking away a desktop computer under a table instead of on top of a table.


Reduce Clutter.

It doesn’t take long before papers and supplies get out of control.  Before long, they will start taking up valuable desk space or other storage compartments, which will make your office, look unprofessional and tiny. Having an organized filing system and shredding unnecessary documents will help alleviate your desk area. If you require a lot of books on-hand, ensure that you have the necessary shelving to deal with the space they will take up.

Make a note of how often a particular office item is used. Did you use it multiple times per day? Have a space set-aside near your workstation where you can grab these items. Did you use it twice in a year? Store it away in a cubby system but try avoiding stacking multiple items on top of each other. Otherwise, your office will soon turn into a junkyard.

vertical shelves


Go vertical!

Use the walls as much as you can. A popular idea for including some greenery in your office are vertical gardens if you have some unused space near a window. This will help free up floor space that would otherwise be used on a potted plant/ tree that you can now use for additional storage space or a floor lamp. Lighting is also a key factor in making small spaces seem bigger. Use lighting near darker areas or corners that will really benefit from a light source.

office furniture decorations


Let us do the heavy lifting.

Going for the minimalist look? At Green Hills Office Suites, you have the option of having a fully furnished office space so you can move in immediately. Our furniture is sized appropriately for each office space so you don’t have to worry about measurements and getting “boxed in” to a corner. This way, you can plan your décor around the established layout!





Embrace the racks! Use your wall space for shelving so you can maximize your storage space if you have a few employees who make the most of their lunch breaks at the office. Keep it neat and organized so cleanup is a breeze for everyone. At Green Hills Office Suites, you won’t have to worry about a kitchen area because we already have one set up for our clients!

office kitchen mug rack

Or, create a shelving unit on the floor like the Pinterest idea from Live Simply below.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming to you or if you feel that office space management will take too much of your time, consider Green Hills Office Suites.  He, we have used our years of experience and industry knowledge and developed the most efficient configuration in Green Hills. Contact us today so we can start planning your office so you can start planning your business.

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