Five Apps That Help You Stick to Your Goals

January 15, 2016

Professional athletes, successful business people and achievers in all fields set goals. Goal setting gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It helps you organize your priorities and resources so that you can make the most of your time. Whether you strive to get started on that new project, spend more time at home, launch a new product, or improve your physical health, goal setting holds you accountable and keeps you focused.


Integrating your goals into your digital life is an easy way to make sure that your long-term vision for yourself stays ever present in your mind. There are many apps that are user-friendly and that can help hold you accountable. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started on the path of digital resolutions.




GoalsOnTrack is a free app that guides you through the process of goal setting from recording your goal, its purpose, start and end date, to creating an action plan and tracking progress. This app also has a built-in goal journal allowing you to record your progress and a habit tracker that provides a visual guide of your successes.




LifeTick is a goal-tracking app that asks you to begin by establishing your core values and then create tasks or steps that are required to achieve your goal. Unlike GoalsOnTrack, LifeTick allows you to invite others to view your progress. Your support group can view your progress and add comments to keep you motivated along the way. There’s also a LifeTick for business so you can set team goals, assign tasks and track each individual’s progress.


Habit List


Habit List is ideal for someone that wants to track habits versus goals. This app helps you track your “streaks” or how many times in a row you completed a habit. You can create flexible schedules for habits that are to be done on specific days or intervals. Habit List will send you reminders to keep you on track.




Irunurun is a performance and accountability app founded on the premise that actions speak louder than goals. One of the valued features of the app is its point value system. It assigns points to the habit you want to track giving you a score of zero at the beginning of each week. Your score increases as you complete your targeted action with a maximum prefect score of 100 points each week. This app also allows you to share the experience with others by inviting friends, family or colleagues to any action so they can encourage your progress. Irunurun makes three versions of this app – for personal, team and business use.




Coach.Me was founded on the belief that you have a better chance of reaching your goals and establishing new habits if you crowdsource feedback and encouragement. Using encouragement from others, Coach.Me allows you to choose your goals and then select the type of coaching you require: advice, motivation, and/or prompting from the Coach.Me community. You can hire a coach, get advice from other users, and set up reminders to complete tasks.


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Source:  Michael Hyatt

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