From Home Office to Our Office Space

November 16, 2015

private corner office

The life cycle of a small business begins with an entrepreneur and an idea. It is grown within the walls of a home office, extends to the closest coffee shop, and if successful has a hard time staying that way because with success comes growth and with growth comes the need for more office space.


A professional space to work, dependable space to meet with clients, and the desire to network with other entrepreneurs are the catalyst for moving from a home office to a full-service executive office space. The decision to make the switch is often times born out of necessity. And to make the decision even easier, studies have shown the lack of social interaction as well as distractions inside the home can lead to slower business growth and workplace related stress.


Many small business owners are also looking for the professional feeling that a home office or local coffee shop can no longer provide due to either popularity, lack of privacy, and/or noise. A full-service executive suite is the answer to these issues. It gives you a sense of community and the opportunity to absorb new ideas from other industries that would not typically be within your professional network. It also gives you the freedom to “shut your door” and make important business decisions without any outside distractions.


Cost, on-going expenses, and overhead have historically kept small business owners confined to working out of their home. Fortunately, these issues are no longer a concern with Green Hills Office Suites. Green Hills Office Suites is Nashville’s premier full-service office space provider. Our workspace solutions can be customized to meet the needs and demands of your business. From fully furnished executive office space to virtual office solutions, we offer a superior alternative to traditional office space at a price any size business can afford. From live phone answering service to meeting rooms, reception services, a prestigious business address, VOIP telephone service, administrative support staff and the latest technology, we provide your business the support it needs for success.


From home office to our office, come see for yourself what is driving Nashville small business owners out of their homes and into ours. To learn more, call 615-334-0960 or visit us on the web at


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