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August 15, 2015

Before they were great leaders, they were great employees. It is no secret that success is built on a solid foundation that starts with either engaged parents, influential educators, inspiring mentors, or impactful employers. And although most people dream of being their own boss, controlling their own destiny, and making more money…not everyone has what it takes to own their own business. However, if you were a great employee first, you may be a great leader as well.


Contributing writer for the Nashville Business Journal, Bob Corlett, offered a few suggestions to fellow entrepreneurs that might need a little extra push to break free and turn their dreams of business ownership into a reality.


  • Become heavily trained and vested in your field. Attend seminars, read books, talk to other subject-matter experts. Knowledge is power and highly valued when it comes to selling a service or product.
  • Learn from other’s mistakes. Don’t make the same mistakes of others in the same industry as yours. Be inquisitive and insightful. Learn from others that have gone before you.
  • When a company becomes too heavily dependent on your knowledge, then the high value you have created for yourself is flowing back into the company and not to you. Turn the tables around.
  • When you become an expert in your field and you must sacrifice your professional convictions and beliefs to do your job, then it’s time to take the leap.


Interesting enough, Corlett also commented, “The word entrepreneur is a French word meaning unemployable. I knew that to do my best work, I could no longer fit in someone else’s structure, I’d have to build a place from the ground up.”


If the prospect of business ownership is calling your name, don’t take the leap alone. Green Hills Office Suites, located just 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, has the space, place, and support services you need to get started. Our state-of-the-art business center gives your business the look of distinction it deserves as well as a prestigious mailing address that is sure to impress.


Our workspace solutions can also be customized to meet the demands of your business. From fully furnished executive office space to virtual office solutions coupled with our first-class amenities, we offer a superior alternative to traditional office space at a price any size business can afford. At Green Hills Office Suites, we allow you to work at your best while our support staff takes care of the rest. Allow us to help you take the leap into business ownership and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.


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Source: Nashville Business Journal

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